Carrie Requist, owner of Many Hats Marketing, has spent over 20 years in high-tech marketing at Silicon Valley-based companies including Adobe, Symantec and Sun Microsystems.

My excellent written and verbal communication skills in addition to my drive and ability to work independently make me the ideal person for your marketing outsourcing needs.

I have the ability to quickly grasp technical concepts and technical information, synthesize it, determine the best way to convey that information to a specific audience and then execute the delivery in every form of marketing collateral and internal documentation including white papers, presentations, fact sheets, marketing requirements documents (MRDs), reports, proposals and website content.

I have experience with a breadth of different technologies including networking, computer languages, PDF (Acrobat technology), graphics drivers and a variety of desktop applications including project management applications and financial services applications.

In addition to the products and technologies that I have worked with directly , I have been in Business Development, Evangelism and Research Writer positions that required me to quickly learn new technologies and communicate the integration, joint benefits or competitive landscape of these technologies. I have worked in areas as diverse as enterprise software applications, OCR, virtualization, projection displays, and in-vehicle infotainment.

Having been an executive staff member, I am competent and confident working with senior level managers and executives of both large corporations (Adobe Systems, Sun Microsystems) and small or start-up companies.

Carrie Requist